I Love Chatsworth Road

Photographer Jørn Tomter is originally from Norway and moved to London in 1997, where he now works as a commercial photographer. He also enjoys working on personal projects and started the I Love Chatsworth Road project to prove that great stories can be found on anyone’s doorstep.

Jørn is represented by Tea & Water Pictures for commercial work.

I Love Chatsworth Road (ILCR) is Jorn Tomters photographic journey in to the neighbourhood around Chatsworth Road in Hackney, London. Jorn started photographing the street in 2007 to proof that you can find interesting stories on your doorstep. Then it evolved to the self published magazine I Love Chatsworth Road with contributions by talented local writers, designers and illustrators. The magazine is printed in 5000 copies and distributed for free to local households and shops.

ILCR is a labour of love and has no financial gain other than it is a great marketing tool for my photography work. I started the project because I love doing this type of work and saw the value of documenting this part of London over time. Being a freelancer myself I do not approach freelancers to ask them them to invest their time and skills to make content for ILCR for free. But sometimes people approach me and say they really want to help out because they want to invest time in their local community. If you are one of these people then feel free to email us and tell us what you would like to do. It could be to write a story for the magazine or making newsletters, it could be editing text or videos, making websites or help with advertising so we can print the magazine. But be warned I do not promise great exposure and amazing portfolio work. It is what it is, but it is rewarding!

Contact: Ilovechatsworthroad@gmail.com