Kitchen Club

We work in partnership with the Parent Club charity, which deliver a weekly Kitchen Club session on Fridays during term time from 12-2pm.

Kitchen Club is for families with pre-school children to cook, eat, play and learn together.

Families work together to make a delicious lunch with fresh, low-cost ingredients. At the same time, creative play and learning activities, like crafting or storytelling are organised for parents and children.

The Kitchen Club project aims to encourage supportive social networks and improve emotional well-being.

To include as many families as possible, all our food is vegetarian. Whenever possible we use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Recipe cards are available to take home.

Sessions operate as drop-ins, with priority given to families living in temporary accommodation.

Please come along whenever you like, but if you would like to call first then get in touch with Alex at or call 07375 574336 for a chat