Adrenalin Dance

Adrenalin Dance produces movement adventures with, for and by children.

Adrenalin Dance was founded in 2001 with the aim to create dance theatre for children that was inspirational and took it’s young audiences seriously.

Artistic director: Andrew Coombs
We welcome newcomers in the first two weeks of term, where it is possible to do a trial class for £4:00. After a trial class, fees are payable termly.

Breaking 1
4:15 -5:00pm
Ages 5 yrs +
Learn safe practice and first moves, in this fun beginners class with Bboy AJ-47
Breaking 2
5:10 – 6:10 pm
Experienced 7 yrs +
Dancers in this class must have some experience in breaking or dance form.

Sharpen your skills in this level 2 class. Top rocks, get downs, footwork and power moves with Bboy AJ-47.
Adrenalin Crew
6:15-7:45 pm
This is a weekly session for gifted and talented breakers up to 16 yrs. Dancers prepare for battles, showcases and youth platforms . The crew is led by @AJ47 soulmeezy

Ages 3-4 yrs
Our introductory dance class. This playful first movement session is an opportunity to be in a dance clas without a carer.  Left, right, top, bottom, in, out, go, stop and jump ! all to a fun soundtrack.
Hip Bop
4:45 – 5:30 pm
Ages 5-6 yrs
A fun creative dance class.  This fun session develops musicality, listening and coordination.  Young children experience dancing in a class format moving freely and with instruction.
Contemporary Dance
5:35 – 6:35 pm
Ages 7 years +
Develop dance technique and physical skill in a creative environment.  A theatrical dance class influenced by a wide range of modern dance styles and artists. We encourage students creative expression, with a Modern dance foundation informed by Cunningham, Graham and Release technique’s.

50+ dance
10:30 – 11:45am
Borrowing from a broad range of movement practices including dance, this is a fun creative class for any mobile 50+

Romp and Roll
10 – 10:45am
Ages 2-4 years accompanied by an adult.
Romp and Roll is a playful opportunity for adults and children to be together as dance partners and creative collaborators.  The session follows a soft learning approach to dance, initiating the learning of rhythm, coordination and listening.  Everybody does everything together to great music.

Class Manners
We welcome newcomers in the first two weeks of term, where it is possible to do a trial class for £4:00. After a trial class, fees are payable termly.
For returning students,term fees payable are on first day of term
We offer a 15% sibling or multi-class discount.
We do not permit parents watching classes as this can inhibit some children and undermine the teachers trust and authority.

Ages on classes are suggestions and we are on hand to discuss your child’s suitability.

Always bring a small bottle of water to class.

email to book a place!